Motherhood changed my outlook towards life: Mandira Bedi


Not so long ago, a cranky child on a flight would’ve left anchor-actor Mandira Bedi upset and disturbed. But all that, she says, has now changed as she has become a mother herself. “Now that I am a mother, I connect with children a little differently. A couple of years ago, if I was in a
flight, and there would be a yelling baby, I would get disturbed and upset by it. Now if I am in such a situation, I’d go to the mother and ask, ‘Do you want to eat your meal? Do you want me to hold the baby, so you can go to the bathroom’? I travel so much with my baby and I know it’s hard. My whole nazariya (outlook) has changed. Not that I ever disliked them, but your relationship with children changes forever once you become a mom,” said Mandira,