The critical and commercial success of Drishyam has made Ajay Devgn happy.
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She’s said a lot of bold things lately, including that a lot of Bollywood heroines are jealous of her, and insecure.
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The actress is looking so, so sizzling not just on the cover of Elle but also in all the magazine photographs! She talks about her comeback Dilwale, and more!
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Oh yes, like post every ban, Bollywood’s uproar shakes up Twitter for the next few days.
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The actress is fuming, thanks to a ridiculous statement that Sid made in a recent interview.
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Oh we totally love it! It’s cute, it’s young, and it’s full-on awww! Don’t they look adorable together, as they sleep amidst feathers and heart-shaped clouds?
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We all know by now how big a fan SS Rajamouli is of the Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. A closer look at Baahubali will tell you how the characters are modelled on the superheroes from the epics.
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Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan's wife, Gauri Khan, has proved her critics wrong time and again.
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Many members of the Hindi film industry often complain that when it comes to pay cheques, Bollywood is unfair to female actors, who get paid a lot less money than their male counterparts.
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Apart from highlighting several issues in India, Aamir Khan, through his talk show, was also able to give those who have worked towards the betterment of the country a platform to be recognised.
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