This monkey wedding seriously seemed like a lot of fun, with lots of…well, monkeying around, besides getting married of course!
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The first teaser of Sultan created waves of excitement with Salman Khan’s dumdaar wrestler moves…
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Off late, Hrithik Roshan has been very active on social media. Besides sending nasty messages to Kangana Ranaut, he is also posting some random things for distraction.
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Alia Bhatt is teasing us again with her naughty posts…
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Sunny is one actress who has faced a lot of criticism in Bollywood. From the audience to the shallow media, and even her fellow tinseltownies!
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Recently, Suzanne and Hrithik were spotted together at their son’s birthday party, and everyone forgot about his love controversy with Kangana Ranaut!
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Jacqueline Fernandez recently helped the victims of the Chennai floods rebuild their homes.
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She made her debut with Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008).
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Travelling in local trains is the quickest mode of transportation in Kolkata. That is what Vidya Balan, who is currently shooting in the city for the sequel to her hit film, Kahaani, realised recently.
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There were many Bollywood personalities who have faced criticism in the past for endorsing different brands, but actor Malaika Arora ensures that she always picks the right endorsement deal.
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