Mona Singh endorses happy-go-lucky homemakers!


By Hindustan Times

Mona Singh, best known for her role in the desi version of Ugly Betty — Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin — admits she’s been getting too many letters, emails and messages from homemakers asking her for tips on how to be like her on-screen character Mona. Reason: she plays a happy-go-lucky mother of three in the Sony show Kya Hua Tera Vaada.

“I’d never imagined I’d become the ambassador of housewives,” she beams, adding, “A lot of married women have written to me asking me how I manage to keep a smiling face in the show, when my character goes through adversities. Honestly, I’ve learnt that from my mother. She never frowned when she had to take up multiple responsibilities while she was raising my sister and me, and looking after a house and our father.”

Mona, 32, is not married yet, but says she’s received plenty of proposals, especially after she returned to the soap scene last month. “I had loads of offers even when I was playing Jassi. But now, the offers are better because families see me playing the role of an efficient housewife and a mom, and I think I can pull that role off in real life too. That’s a package that every man looks for,” says the actor, who is paired opposite Pawan Shankar in the show. “I’m ready, but something worthwhile has to come my way.”

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin was Mona’s first soap that went on air over a decade ago. Given the gruelling schedules, wasn’t she apprehensive about returning to the grind? “Health is a major concern. Before I took up the show, I made that clear to the producers. Even though it’s a daily, I don’t shoot for more than 10 hours. It’s a lot better than wearing stilettos on reality show sets and standing for six-eight hours.”