Mohandas is a topical film - Mazhar Kamran


By IndiaFM

Mazhar Kamran is the ‘camera know it all’ for some of the films we enjoyed watching namely, Satya, Kaun, Masti, Jhankar Beats. And he now finally says, ‘Lights Camera Sound and Action!’ He uses his expertise and camera knowledge to make his directorial debut, Mohandas. In conversation with Mazhar Kamran on his directorial debut.

“Mohandas is story about a man who fights for his identity and tries to make it in the present Indian system. The film refers to some of Gandhi’s ideologies, although the film has nothing to do with Gandhi. We gave the name Mohandas to it because there are many elusions to the kind of ideas propounded by Gandhi in the film. It is a present time take on the political and social front. It is not a historical film, it would comprise of dark humor, satire and realistic aspects. This is just a broad idea of Mohandas. I cannot say too much, have to carefully choose my words so as to avoid giving away the story completely,” says Mazhar Kamran.
Vivek Priyadarshan composed the music, while Narayan Parshuram of Khoobsurat and Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi fame did the background score. Mazhar further adds, “The music is very different and both the musicians are extremely talented. Mohandasbelongs to the same genre as probably a Chandni Bar or a Page 3. So, it has more realistic kind of music.” On enquiring about the film’s release date, Mazhar states, “The film is a topical film and hence I am planning to have an early release. The prints will be out in two weeks, at present I am at the last stage of mixing. Since I have done the cinematography as well as the direction, it needs to be perfect.”

“I have put in my years of experience and knowledge of filmmaking in this film. I have huge expectations from it. I have imbibed whatever I learnt from the Film Institute in Pune and my experience as the director of photography (DoP) with Ram Gopal Varma in his films, Satya and Kaun; I have also worked with Pritish Nandy in Jhankar Beats and Indra Kumar’s Masti I have always worked in diverse films just in order to widen my horizon” says an exhilarated Mazhar.

So how has the experience of being a director? “I was a learner even as a cinematographer and direction is a natural transition for me. I learnt the craft of cinematography to be a better director when I make my own films. Now I wish to continue as a director. Although, I have not given up cinematography completely, I will take up any challenging project as and when it comes. Cinematography and direction cannot be compared, one deals with the visual aspect and as a director it is about the bigger picture in minor details, from the story to the actor to everything. A film is a director’s medium. And I am at ease as a director,” says Mazhar Kamran.

Lastly, on his forthcoming films, “I am currently working on many scripts one of which would be called Highway 39 the cast is not yet decided and then I will be doing a romantic and a thriller too. Producers have shown interest and once the cast is confirmed things can be disclosed,” breathes the debutant Mazhar.