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Author : Vikas Hotwani Date : 9/4/2007

…Who’s the brightest of them all? Readers predict the star of tomorrow from the aspirants on Bollywood’s threshold


Deepika Padukone ( in Farah Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’) has an edge over all. The fact that she has faced the camera before in South films and is a noted model will give her an advantage. Also, the fact that she is making her debut with Shah Rukh Khan will benefit her.

—Sejal Sanghvi, BPO employee

Sonam Kapoor (Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya’) is someone to look out for. I saw her on one of the magazine covers and she looks amazingly beautiful. If she can pull off great acting as well, there’s no stopping her.

—Heeral Babariya, MBA student

Deepika will be a rage, of course only if she is a good actor. If the ‘Chak De’ girls can take off so well because they debuted with Shah Rukh Khan one can only imagine what the SRK- Farah duo can do for her career.

—Sujeet Anand, film-maker

Ranbir Kapoor (‘Saawariya’) looks promising. His cute looks and of course, the Kapoor background can work for him. He also created a buzz because of his link-up with Deepika.

—Vinaya Jadhav, homemaker

Deepika is the most promising among the new faces in the pipeline. I have heard that she is a great performer as well. She has a dream debut waiting for her.

—Harushit Kumble, yoga instructor

Since most of these new faces have top banners backing them, all of them stand a fair chance—even Mimoh (son of veteran Mithun Chakraborthy debuting in Raj N Sippy’s ‘Jimmy’) for that matter. He looks different and may stand out from the lot.

—Pratik Kabali, engineering student

—Compiled by Vikas Hotwani

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