Mira Nair: 'My son is not a firang'


Mumbai, May 21 -- She left India when she was 19 and has homes in Uganda and USA. But internationally acclaimed filmmaker of Indian origin, Mira Nair, says she has kept her son Zohran (with husband Mahmood Mamdani), grounded, with his Indian roots intact.

"He is a total desi. Completely. We are not firangs at all. He is very much us. He is not an Uhmericcan (sic) at all. He was born in Uganda and raised between India and America. He is at home in many places. He thinks of himself as a Ugandan and as an Indian," said Mira during her recent visit to the country.

A junior in college with one more year to go, the 21-year-old is studying Arabic and politics. "He is a very 'chaalu' (clever) fellow. At home, we speak only Hindustani. He is involved with popular culture, but he is not into movies. As in, he doesn't make the