'Mira demystifies the glamour world'


Author: Shridevi Keshavan
Date: 10/1/2007

Filmmaker-cum-artist-cum-jewellery designer-cum-writer, Deepti Datt talks about her upcoming travel show, working with Mira Nair and more...

She clearly remembers that moment of inspiration. As an overwhelmed 17-year-old, she was super-awed by the art of film-making, almost immediately deciding her choice of profession. Today Deepti Datt is more than just a film-maker. she owns a restaurant along with her husband in Goa, an avid biker, a writer, jewellery designer and so on.

"I was so impressed by Mira Nair's 'Salaam Bombay' that I immediately wrote to her after I saw the film. It was difficult to believe when Mira Nair wrote back and met me when she was in Los Angeles but that's how Mira is. From there began an association that has nurtured a 20-year relationship," smiles Deepti who eventually got involved with the production of Mira's other films; 'Kamasutra' being one of them."Mira demystifies the glamour world. She is so very real and working with her has been the most enriching experience," she adds. Currently in Mumbai, Deepti is busy working around a travel show which will feature Kamal Sidhu and Ranjeev Mulchandani (her husband). She has also been responsible for setting up the first women's production company in India though her most successful venture has been the Goa based restaurant and lounge Axirvaad, which is actually a 120-year-old Portuguese mansion.

"It did take a lot of courage to quit my great job at MTV in Singapore and decide to settle down in Goa. But both Ranjeev and I wanted to raise our daughter in this environment," she explains. Parts of Farhan Akhtar's 'Dil Chahta Hai' were shot there. A lot of celebrities drop too. "Bandana Tewari's and Ravi Krishnan's wedding reception took place in our restaurant and the who's who from the glamour world was there," says Deepti.

What does she do to chill-out? "I ride my Enfield bike which I absolutely love," she laughs. Deepti is currently writing three books and is ready with a script for a film.

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