Minnisha turns lifeguard!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 9 -- Minnisha Lamba turned into an avatar of Pamela Anderson from the Baywatch series to save Vinay Pathak from drowning while shooting a scene for Bheja Fry 2, produced by Mukul Deora.

Vinay plays a government official Bharat Bhushan who wins a singing competition and a free stay on a cruise ship. One of the scenes required him to fall into a swimming pool and struggle to swim. The lifeguard on the ship where the scene was being shot hadn't reported on duty that day since he was unwell.

Knowing that Vinay didn't know how to swim, Minnisha volunteered to be his lifeguard. The next minute, the ha-ha star took the plunge, completed the scene with some natural expressions and was pulled out of the water by his co-star.