Milind Soman: 46, and still running hard!


By Hindustan Times

Actor-model Milind Soman has always been a fitness enthusiast. But this time Soman, has taken his fitness drive to another level. The 46-year-old will run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in a span of 15 days as part of the NDTV Greenathon.

Soman began his run on May 22, and aims to cover about 550 km in
15 days, averaging out to about 38 km a day.

Soman route plans to halt at one village every day, and educate the villagers about environment concerns. Having run for about 100 km before, this time he will be accompanied by other celebrities, such as actor Rahul Bose, in the challenging task.

On the connection between environment and fitness: If you pollute yourself, then you will pollute the envir

On running: To keep myself fit, I run regularly outside of this marathon. I used to run about 20 km at a time. The main thing that keeps us (the team) going is the fact that we love to run.

On age matters: The fact that I’m 46 won’t keep me from completing my goal, because I have run marathons like this before. Age does not bother me.

On marathon diet: We will eat mainly home food, like daal and roti and stay away from alcohol and things like that.

On achievement: Once you understand what you need to be the best , you get what it takes to help others and the environment.

On the challenge: I thought if we should run in the heat. But after a few days, we adapted to the heat.