Milenge Milenge Promotions: No stars? No problem!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 9 -- Producer Boney Kapoor is a relieved man. Milenge Milenge, has released after being stuck for five years. The producer is unperturbed about the movie looking dated. "I'm satisfied with the final product. I'm sure people will be in for a pleasant surprise," Kapoor asserts.

Rumours galore

He dismisses rumours about a rift with his leading lady Kareena Kapoor over the film's promos that opened with the line, "They're back together", even after she broke up with Shahid Kapoor, the hero of his film, and moved on with Saif Ali Khan. "This kind of talk has been doing the rounds since the promos went on air. Kareena shot for a music video after the said 'upsetting' promos went on air," Kapoor clarifies.

He raves about the freshness his movie offers and feels that the on-screen chemistry between the lead pair is the film's selling point.

"The Kareena-Shahid pair returns to the screen after the success of Jab We Met in 2007. And that is the biggest draw," he points out, adding, "Usually songs are inserted in a movie as prospective promotional material. But in Milenge Milenge, they take the story forward." Kapoor is mighty impressed with director Satish Kaushik's narrative that weaves a love story with plenty of twists.

Wonder whether the producer feels under the weather since his lead pair isn't around to promote the film. Kapoor beams that he's extremely proud of his marketing team's "innovative" thinking. "They've done an admirable job with the promotion. The 'Time to forgive and forget' application on Facebook has become a rage," he gushes.

Stars don't work

Kapoor feels that the promotional campaign has generated the desired buzz that can translate into a great weekend opening. "Movies with the biggest stars promoting them have bombed. Stars trying to push their films down the audience's throats hasn't helped," he points out. "The promotion of Milenge Milenge could change the way film promotion campaigns are designed. I believe that if a story is great and is told well, nothing can stop it from becoming a hit."