Milenge Milenge: Dispelling rumours!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, July 7 -- Satish Kaushik's, who's directed the Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor starrer Milenge Milenge, has tried to play down the controversy that the lead actors aren't supporting the film. "Shahid and Kareena are committed to other films, so they can't be around," he points out.

Kaushik also laughs off rumours that Kareena is upset with the promotional phrase, "They are back together." He says, "Kareena is not upset. She did a promotional photo shoot for us and has been very supportive."

Asked whether his film is inspired by the hit Hollywood flick Serendipity, as has being reported, Kaushik retorts, "Every love story has the same formula and format. So, every film should be a copy of the last one."