Milan Luthria took 2 months to finalise Imran's look in OUATIM 2


By Hindustan Times

Images of Imran Khan from his next film, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2, may have leaked out, but the actor, along with director Milan Luthria, spent two months discussing the look, and he isn’t too worried.

In fact, Imran’s certain that when people watch the film, they will realise that he looks every bit the gangster that he plays in it.

“Achieving a ‘look’ is sometimes a frivolous exercise just for the heck of it. But with this film and my character, it has a lot to do with the period and the character’s attitude,” he says.

The actor’s makeover in the film has required him to put in a lot of effort and constant feedback from his close ones has played a key role in the transformation.

Imran says, “I’ve gone for a complete change from what I’ve done before, and apart from being very happy with the look, the feedback from the crew, family, and now the media has been very supportive.”

However, ask him about talks that his look in the film is similar to Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (MKBKM), and he rubbishes them, saying “in MKBKM, the look is Haryanavi. So there’s no question of a comparison.”

Imran and Milan spent a lot of time finalising the look and Imran’s delighted that the film is shaping up well. He says, “I'm glad we went through all that trouble and diligent preparation to achieve an authentic yet flamboyant look.”

In spite of deploying extra security guards and taking other precautions to ensure that Imran’s look remained under wraps, images from the sets of the film were leaked last week.