Men buy more lingerie than women: Neha Dhupia


By Hindustan Times

Neha Dhupia may not have too many box office hits to her credit, but the actor is now getting plenty of hits on her latest online enterprise. The former Miss India, known for her fashion sense, has now proved to be a smart businesswoman as well.

Taking about her retail website, she says, “I started an online business called in November 2011 to sell lingerie. I was amused to hear rumours that I was planning to launch a clothing line. I never had any such plans but there were numerous reports about it.”

Ask her why she chose to sell women’s lingerie and she says, “There are very few lingerie websites for women in India, and most don’t have a variety of options. Everyone is selling stuff online like clothes, shoes, bags, air tickets and so on. Lingerie is essential too. Every woman needs it, so why not?” The actor, along with her team of designers, handpicks lingerie styles for her website. Talking about a surprise revelation on the job, she says, “I saw statistics that say men buy more lingerie than women.”

Neha reveals that she hopes to expand her business now.

“I plan to bring out new products and ideas,” she says, adding, “But I can’t share them now as someone might get ‘inspired’ and crack it before me. I am going to be a smart businesswoman and keep my mouth shut.”

Ask her why she kept the news about her venture quiet, and she says, “I am not the boastful kind and I don’t believe in tom-tomming plans without action like many other stars. It is easy to talk big, but tough to prove your worth. I don’t want to be an empty vessel making sounds.”