Meet Pooja Bhatts New Discovery - Muzzamil Ibrahim


By IndiaFM News Bureau

What is Dhokha all about?

Dhokha is about modern Muslims. It also displays the reality of terrorism and its incalculable consequences.

What is your character in the film?

I play the role of an ACP. This character is caught up within the fire storm of community riots. He is of the belief that revenge is not the idyllic way to deal with any kind of injustice. Circumstances lead to a conclusion that his wife is alleged to be a suicide bomber and how he deals with the situation.

How did you bag this film?

I had been offered roles by producers like T-series, Popcorn Entertainment, Kumar Mangat, and K Sera Sera. Pooja Bhatt knew about the film The Fan being offered to me. She showed keen interest and referred me to Mr. Bhatt. Bhatt sir asked me to keep myself unoccupied. He wanted to do something really good with me as he saw a tremendous potential. That assurance was good enough for me.

What made you turn down the producers…was it the script or were u looking for a bigger break?

It was my personal decision to say no. I was relatively inexperienced when those roles were offered. At 19, when I won Gladrags I was too young to be launched in Bollywood. I didn’t know which film would be right for me and vice versa. Later I joined acting workshops for 3 yrs to prepare myself as an actor. Once I was confident about my capabilities as an artist, I decided to plunge into it.

What is more challenging modeling or acting?

Modelling is more of a family get-together now. A lot of people supported me when I was new. I started as a nonentity, and then became “Muzzamil Ibrahim - the Supermodel.” This was possible only because of the faith people had in me and my work potential. As far as acting is concerned it’s a different affair altogether. Along with immense hard work one has to be ready for any kind of challenge coming your way. I am on a mission to prove myself as an actor.

Coming back to Dhokha, How was it working with Tulip Joshi?

I met her couple of days before the shoot and had a good conversation. Tulip is friendly and great to chat with; unfortunately I just have one scene with her.

Is it true that you and Pooja Bhatt did not get along on the same plane?

She is good in her own way, but we had our differences. But now that the film has been completed everything else is history. I don’t want to get into details pertaining to that. My characterization was handled by Mr. Bhatt. He helped me out immensely on the sets and guided me in understanding the character better. Since Bhatt sir had written the character it became easier to see his vision about the character.

What is your dream role?

How can I answer that question? I am a romantic person by nature, roles like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Maine Pyaar Kiya would be ideal. Romance is a genre I am aiming for at present.

Are you looking at any new projects after Dhokha?

The scenario has been impressive so far. A lot of good offers have come my way and I hope everything works out positively to its best.