Meet Hrithik Roshan's Chinese admirer


Author : Vikas Hotwani

The moment we think of 'Fear Factor' and those daredevil stunts

being performed that leave us shell-shocked, one face that comes to our

mind is Allan Wu. While the charming hunk may have loads of plans set

for TV and movies in China, he is not left out of the influence of our

Bollywood stardom.

"I would love to work in India. After all, their movies are famous

throughout the world. I haven't got to know too much about Bollywood

but I am familiar with names like Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh

Bachchan," says Allan. So while he may be able to recount names, there's

one actor that he remembers fondly. "There's this one actor who is also

very famous. I think it's Hrithik Roshan, the one who looks like a Greek

god," he adds.

The hunk who says he prefers a private life with his wife and two kids

is currently excited about his show 'Amazing Race Asia' on AXN where he

will again be playing the host. "The show is about a bunch of people flying

around the world meeting challenges and having great experiences," he


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