Media has been insensitive towards Aamir- Amin Haaji


By IndiaFM

“Aamir has done what a good son will do. If your father does or says something wrong, will you retaliate?,” asks an emotionally charged Amin Haaji (remember he played Baagha, the mute and deaf hulky dhol playing character in Lagaan, whom Aamir Khan has admitted as his best friend at many public forums and media interviews) on being asked his opinion about the mudslinging that has taken place between superstar Aamir Khan and his father Tahir Hussain on brother Faisal Khan’s custody. Amin spoke to IndiaFM from Aamir’s home in Panchgani.

“22 members of Aamir’s family have made a beautiful public statement and mind you Aamir is not a part of it. All that Aamir wanted was to take care of his brother for the doctors have stated that Faisal is not well and needs to be in custody of a responsible member of the family.” But Tahir Hussain in his address to the media has stated that Faisal was forcibly given injections and that he was not unwell. “Tahir sahab is my best friend’s dad. If it was the case then the court would have stated the same as well based on the medical reports. Nothing of this sort happened. Court admitted Aamir was right in saying that Faisal needs to be taken care of as he can cause harm to himself or to others,” Amin said.

Alright, Tahir Hussain till a few days ago had been telling the media what a great son Aamir was and how Aamir had given him a new car. Why this sudden turnaround where he made such damaging comments about Aamir’s personal life? “Aamir told the court that his father was not financially stable and that’s why Faisal’s custody should be given to him. Tahir sahab took it a bit personally and got hurt.”

What’s your opinion of the manner in which media has projected this story, the SMS campaign on the News Channels, etc? “I’m hurt for the media has been insensitive towards Aamir again. They have taken the issue out of context. Why can’t the media look at the human, emotional or compassionate level? Aamir always says that Abhi-Ash shaadi is a bigger issue where images are captured perched on trees but when politicians kills so many people nothing is done about it. Media is not playing its role. They have created a circus by sensationalizing the issues,” Amin said agitatedly.

Finally, why hasn’t Aamir retaliated to his dad’s public outburst? “Aamir believes in maintaining a dignified silence. That’s why I have learnt the most from him.”

It seems Aamir Khan wouldn’t talk about the issue in public. In his latest entry on his blog at his website done today, he says, “The last one month has been a real test for me and my family but I think finally we have reached closure. I thank y’all for hanging in there with me. Sincerely, your words of comfort make me feel so much better.” Khan also apologized for the slight delay in the release of audio cds of Taare Zameen Par as the team is working on fine tuning the sound quality of the final product. The Audio CDs of TZP were expected in the market today, but they shall in all probability be flooding the market on November 5th. Taare Zameen Par releases worldwide on December 21st.