Mayank Shekhar's review: Utt Patang


By Hindustan Times

Director: Srikanth Velagaleti
Actors: Vinay Pathak, Mahie Gill
Rating: *1/2

Vinay Pathak, the hero of that 2007 sleeper hit Bheja Fry, plays the common man. Again. He’s 35, excited to have picked up a hot girl from an Indian bar. Good for him. His wife’s an imposter. She’s heading out of the country with someone else’s bag of money. Good man Pathak’s best friend (Saurabh Shukla) helps his wife escape. Not clear why. But that’s not what plays on your mind.

There’s another Vinay Pathak. This one’s the bad guy. The said bag of money is his. He talks effeminately in French, apes Inspector Jacques Clouseau – that is, if Peter Sellers were to speak Hindi in Pink Panther ("zin zin zin"). Bheja Fry was also lifted from a popular French production, The Dinner Game (1998). But that's besides the point.

This indoor plot, set over a single night, over four rooms, four actors, moves back and forth. Forth and back. You’d imagine someone read this script and thought the supposed page-turner would make for another low-budget comic hit. They didn’t bother to apply any cinema at all. The pic lifelessly goes back and forth again. You watch disinterestedly still. This is a Warner Bros production, I'm told. Seriously? Whatever.