Mayank Shekhar's review: Luv Ka The End


By Hindustan Times

Luv Ka The End
Direction: Bumpy
Actors: Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah
Rating: **

Love in the times of BBM is a three-letter word. It comes with an ironic 'u'. Anniversary celebrations mark the end of a month's relationship. Girls wish to become models. Guys want to host parties that get covered on TV and newspaper supplements. BFFs (best friends forever) chat over video screens on their cellphone.

Some Freddy Kapoor is supposedly the biggest rockstar from the posters on the wall. The song that bathroom singers hum is Himesh's Mann Ka Radio. The party never stops. At least not for a kid named Luv. His accent's faux American. His car, the Jag, is British (or should we say Indian now). His women are up for public display. He posts videos of him making out with them on a site called the 'Billionaire Boys' Club'. His final mission in life is to put up clips of him having sex. His girl nabs on. She wants to rid him of the 4Cs that define his life: car, cash, charm, 'chamchas' (hangers-on).

This is just an XL sheet movie from a supposed docket that defines youth as some condescending, amorphous term from marketing alone. The filmmakers are desperately trying to look in from the distant outside. They've spotted places where kids usually hang out: "Carter's" in Mumbai's Bandra; if not at the gym, literally talking to their biceps. Any story would do to put together a series of ads: Lakme, Mentos, Onida cellphones (seriously?)….

This revenge comedy endlessly pans out over an immeasurably long day, or night. All that you freakishly wonder is: Who are these dodos? What's up with them? Should humans, like certain species, begin to eat their own young now? Can just a cellphone dull out the zaniness of being restless and 18?

If this movie were true, yes. But it's not. So, not to worry, "babes" (yup, I hate that word too). "Chill!" Just tag along with these bozos, watch them enter a gay bar, without any context, as tranny strippers go, "Tera jism jism. Tera badan badan. Yeh toh hai bus, Mutton mutton." Luv it. Huh!