Mayank Shekhar's review: Jodi Breakers

By Hindustan Times

A wife who’s a “vasna ki pujaran” (worshipper of lust; horny, in other words) tires out her boxing champ husband every night in bed. This seems to be affecting his sporting career. Low on energy, the boxer gets knocked out each time he hits the ring. This is why he wants a divorce. One Baba Kamdev is brought in to calm the woman down.

Baba Kamdev’s the god-man of sex. As against a certain yogi with a similar name, who, I suppose, practices abstinence. At his first session with his devotees, the fake baba’s written speech gets mixed up with a bar menu. Quite obviously he doesn’t know what to preach anymore, goes: “An Old Monk once said you must keep the Black Dog within you under control, or you’ll get a Black Label on your forehead…”

This, by the way, is the highest point of this f