Mayank Shekhar's review: Azaan


By Hindustan Times

Direction: Prashant Chadha
Actors: Suniil Joshi, Candice Boucher
Rating: *

India’s under biological attack. Why, is unnecessary for you to know. Any gibberish will do. One man can save this country. How, is irrelevant. The only important thing for us to worship is, this man. “Kehte hain iss par Allah ka haath hai (They say, he’s blessed by Allah).”

In his last assignment (Aap Kaa Surroor), the director had to show Himesh off as a German rock-star! From vaguely available evidence, let me piece together this hero for you: Azaan Khan, “Musalman deshbhakt (a Muslim patriot)”, his missing brother’s a terrorist. He’s half Indian, half Afghani, a National Defence Academy topper (or did I hear right?), a RAW agent, blows a moving car to smithereens, is still alive. For his acting skills, co-star Ravi Kissen certifies in the movie, “Ise toh Oscar award actor hona chahiye tha (He should be an Oscar-winning actor).” Never too late.

The richly shot pic pans across Algeria, Sudan, Thailand, Germany, France, Waziristan, China, Del-Cal-Bom… The head spins. Here’s the only thing to learn. The cute chubby faced hero, with a smart stubble, shaven chest, and a hairy back, loves bazooka, car chases, mortal combat, rock-climbing, globe-trotting, Holly-wood blockbusters, wants to romance a Playboy Playmate (Candice Boucher).

Beta's also built body. What to do? Papa, I'm told's a Gutkha baron. He gifts him this film. Various estimates locate the budget to be around Rs 60 crore. That’s piddly change, I tell you.