Mausam: Not wary of rough weather!


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Sept. 19 -- Mausam may have run into rough weather, but the spirit is still high. Although the release of Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor starrer Mausam was pushed to September 23, the film's makers are unfazed.

The film, which marks the debut of veteran actor Pankaj Kapur as director, was to release on September 16, but due to an objection by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to a 30-second action sequence, its release was postponed. Shahid says, "We needed an NOC from IAF and Censor Certificate. We got a 'U' certificate but then the board wanted to see the film once again. This consumed a lot of time, delaying the release date. Also, there was a partic ular 30-second action scene which the IAF thought could be made more authentic and needed minor changes that have been incorporated."

So, did the changes hamper the vision of the director? Pankaj doesn't think so. "The IAF didn't ask us to remove anything. The content of the film in terms of the fight sequence has not changed. And the alteration is only for the betterment of the film, which is always welcome. No creative freedom is hampered. I want to say that IAF has been amazingly supportive and we can't thank them enough for the same."

Shahid echoes the same: "We don't want to get into any controversy or be projected as victims. It's nobody's fault." Dismissing reports that postponement led to losses, Pankaj says, "There are no losses because even if we could release the film on Sep 16 in India, we could not have sent prints for global release. Hence, we took a unanimous decision of postponing it."