Mausam brought alive on the sets of Happi


By Hindustan Times

Who would've thought that the idea of Mausam actually saw a concrete form when Pankaj Kapur was shooting for his second film with director Bhavna Talwar? The two initially worked together on Talwar's directorial debut Dharm that won a National Award. When Happi went on the floors, no one anticipated that it would give birth to Mausam, starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.

Kapur was shooting for his title role in Happi when his son Shahid visited him on the sets. While filming, a chair fell on Kapur and Shahid rushed to his father's aide. But his father continued performing and Talwar continued rolling.

After the scene was shot, Shahid asked his father to take some time off but his father insisted on finishing the day’s work. In fact, Kapur's reaction made Shahid realise that the reason Talwar kept rolling was because she had a good enough rapport with Kapur to know that he did not need a break despite being hurt. It’s this congenial atmosphere on the sets that convinced Shahid that the same team should work with his father on their next film, Mausam.

Sheetal Talwar, CEO Vistaar Religare Film Fund, who produced Happi, confirms and says, “This is the second time that Bhavna and Pankajji are working together so they know exactly how to play on each other's strengths and weaknesses. When the chair fell accidentally, Shahid and I were concerned about Pankajji getting hurt so when Bhavna continued rolling, we were a bit surprised. This is the sort of dedication, understanding and comfort level that Shahid appreciated about the team and I hope to provide the same milieu for Mausam."