Manjot Singh: 'I hope I get good roles'



New Delhi, June 14 -- Actor Manjot Singh, whose portrayal of the young Lucky in director Dibakar Banerjee's 2008 hit Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye made him quite popular, is excited about his upcoming comedy caper - Fukrey.

Talking about his role, the 20-year-old, who belongs to East Delhi, says, "I play the role of Lali who is a very innocent and well behaved, but at the same time, he is a fukra at heart. He wants to get admission in his girlfriend's college."

Ask him about how his journey in films began and he reveals, "I never thought that I'd enter Bollywood. Believe it or not, when I told my mom that I want to give auditions for Oye Lucky, she said, 'Apni shakal dekhi hai? (Have you seen your face?) Tu toh rishtedaro ko dekh kar kamre main chup jaata hai aur tu audition dena chahta hai (You go hide in a room when relatives come over, and you will give an audition?)' To that, I said, 'So what. This is an open audition and anyone can try'. I'm blessed that I was selected."

Interestingly, Manjot, who is doing another film, The Zero Line, reveals that being a Sikh, he is vary that he might get typecasted in the industry. "I do have apprehensions. But I will keep my Sikhism alive. I keep praying that I get good and different roles," he says. Though Manjot is shown as having a girlfriend in the film, he is very shy of girls in real life. "I'm very shy in real life, especially with girls, though it's getting better now," he says.