Mallika's sweet somethings!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 22 -- Ah Mots is back but instead of my calorie-less juice she's come with a platter of calorie-rich jalebis. Mad or what this maid of mine? When I frown darkly at her she dimples, "I'm Jalebi Bai." Huh???

Turns out that she means Mallika Sherawat in her item girl avatar from Double Dhamaal. Madam M has turned from a heroine to a halwai and has been dishing out jalebis by the dozen. And when Mots went sniffing around, she handed her a platter too, urging her to sample the sweets because this was the first time she had made any.

What's more, Mottu rambles, Ms M has fed them to her producer Ashok Thakera, producer-director Indra Kumar, her co-stars, in short the entire unit of DD's comedy show. And they looooooooved it too! Yeah sure, but I'm not having even one Mottu. And if you continue being a Jalebi Bai it'll be bye bye for you my dear. Bhaagi MK... Meena Kumari!!!