Mallika: Still trying in Hollywood!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 16 -- Wakey wakey my walnut cookies! I know that it's that time of the week when you want to laze in your beds a little longer, irrespective of this be-imaan mausam. But I've such chatpata nuggets that will drive away your Monday morning blues in a jiffy. So let's not waste any more of my breath and your time on insignificant talk from idhar-udhar; and get to the point. So read on sweetums...

Okay, so we know that Mallika Sherawat's efforts at making her mark in Hollywood haven't hit the bull's eye yet. But that's not stopping her from trying harder than before. The sex siren, who's currently in Cannes, is believed to be working her charm with some filmmakers at the ongoing international film festival. A canary from the venue told me that she asked one of the Hollywood directors to make a movie together soon.

Nothing wrong with that. But imagine her audacity in claiming that she'd make him famous with their collaboration. Must laud her delusions of grandeur, because after Hissss..., director Jennifer Lynch has become history for whatever little number of admirers she had in India after her Hollywood film, Boxing Helena.

Aur pata hai kya? Birdy goes on to say that La Sherawat even suggested playing an Arabic hottie in her proposed joint venture. Her reasoning was that she has a huge fan following in the Arabic countries. Really now! Considering that her fan following in India has declined as phenomenally as it had increased with Murder.