Mallika slaps, kisses and doodles in Ugly Aur Pagli


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Whatever Madame Mallika Sherawat does, makes for interesting reading. Mallika has this habit of doodling. In fact, whenever she is sitting idle, she starts scribbling on a piece of paper without realizing it. On the sets of her forthcoming film Ugly Aur Pagli, her real life habit of doodling inspired director Sachin Khot to incorporate it even in her reel-life character too.

Its no wonder then that Mallika's character in the film, Kuhu, is seen extensively doodling and every time she doodles; Ranvir is seen fantasizing about the things she has written on paper.

Says debutant director Sachin Khot, "When I saw her making all sorts of designs on a piece of paper and that too subconsciously, I loved the thought and concept so much that I decided to incorporate it even in her on-screen character. The only addition that I have made in the doodling is that instead of designs, she doodles words."

Her doodling however leads to lot of hilarious scenes in the film. "Mallika's character doodles weird stories and she uses Ranvir as the guinea pig to listen to all of them. If that was not enough, she also plays music on her ipod and plugs it into his ears to create the background score. This actually leads Ranvir into a fantasy world and he starts imaging the stories", says Sachin. "This whole idea fits into the film completely as Mallika plays a 21st century woman who is the one calling the shots in the relationship and Ranvir plays a loser who follows her completely", he adds.

Well, now apart from the 99 slaps and 1 kiss, we also have Mallika's doodling to look forward to in Ugly Aur Pagli.