Mallika Sherawat threatened over Bhanwari Devi inspired film

By Hindustan Times

Actress Mallika Sherawat and director KC Bokadia have claimed that they have received "threatening calls" for being part for an upcoming film inspired by Bhanwari Devi, a Rajasthan-based nurse who was allegedly murdered.

Mallika Sherawat is playing the lead role in Dirty Politics, being directed by Bokadia. The 36-year-old nurse had gone missing from Jodhpur's Bilara area and was killed in 2011.

"I have received threats. There was a call that my brother received, saying "tell your sister to stay away from this topic and from the film". I think these kinds of threats will be issued," Mallika told reporters here.

"I have also received a lots of threats. I know my duty as a filmmaker. Though I am inspi