Mallika Sherawat item number over the Oscars


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 25 -- Haylo my carrot cakes, how goes it with you this Saturday subah? I am up go for my fitting. I am jetting off to LA tonight for the Oscars. I've got the most fabulous gown to walk the red carpet in. No, I'll divulge details only when the time is right. A line I learnt from my Bolly buddies, hahaha! For now, all I can tell you is that is that it's from a desi darzi. Shhhhh, keep your lips sealed now.

I was hoping to meet Mallika Sherawat there, but it seems I won't. Even though she was one of the few to be invited, Madam M is flying back to aamchi Mumbai. We could be crossing each other across the Atlantic. She's in a bit of a hurry to return. Tez, tezzz tezzzzz, because she has to shoot for the Tezz item number...

Ufff this Ratan Jain uncle, did he have to pick the same day as the Oscars to shoot his gaana? But guess what, MS is still smiling, ready to sacrifice her Oscar moment for Jainji who stood by her during the making of Hisss. How ssssssssweeet is that now!

The smile, I'm told, has now turned into a hearty chuckle because our Mallikae-Azam, who was sitting pretty in New York, was told that she was supposed to be already in India, hiding behind a burqa. Now since she doesn't have a body double and was still in the Big Apple, she's wondering how she was "spotted". Ah for the flights of fancy!