Mallika Sherawat features in the November issue of Grazia!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

What do you call a lady who owns the patent of all the three degrees of Hot, Hotter and Hottest? Before you start rattling down names or disturb the traffic of Google, let us tell you that she is none other than Madame Mallika Sherawat, who is (needless to say) all over not just the place, but also over everyone's hearts! If that was not enough, then, she is in a very corporately chic avatar in the latest edition of the fashion magazine Grazia.

They talk about the 'Girl next door'. But looking at Mallika, even this tag fails to impress the situation. The term that really describes her best is 'The Boss Next Cabin'. For starters, Mallika, who is known for her 'words-faster-than-bullets' kind of speech, has mellowed down now, and which shows in the whole of the interview. The whole article is more of an A-Z of Mallika (from what she was to what she is today), which is accompanied by snaps (full marks to the photographer for presenting her like never before) which complements the article. A small mention to the section of '5 Things To Know About Mallika', which gives an insight of the 'Real Mallika'!

All in all, it's indeed a collectors issue to say the least!