Mallika may rally for Obama


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, June 24 -- Mallika Sherawat's latest Hollywood outing, Politics Of Love, is ready for release. And, the actor, who plays Aretha Gupta, an Indian-American Democratic volunteer campaigning actively for Barack Obama, says she might rally for the US Prez in the next re-elections.

"Since I play a Democratic loyalist, it could tie in nicely with what we are doing in the movie," she says, adding, "I've spoken to Russel Simmons, one of rap and hip-hop's leading producers and Def Jam Records' co-founder, who's been working closely with the President and his administration."

The actor also plans to hold a special screening of the movie with Obama in attendance. "We are planning a premiere in Washington DC and I've told the President that we'd like him to be present. He very graciously told me that he'd want to be there because Oscar-winner Ruby Dee, who plays my grandmother, is one of his favourite actors. He's told me to make sure we send an invite across," she claims, adding that she met him recently at the White House.

Sherawat points out that the romcom should make for an interesting watch for the President, not just because there is a lookalike of him in the film, but also because "it's an American movie that's an amalgamation of two races, Indian and African". "Ever since his trip to India, the President is all for closer ties between our country and the West. I even got him to wave and to send a message to my Bollywood fans in a video that I uploaded," she says.