Mallika loses mojo?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 12 -- Hello my caramel-coated pecan nuts, this is such a bright, sunny morning that I shades and head out to my sundeck. I love basking in the sunshine, no fairness cream for me, thank you! Such a silly thing, to pray for pale, pallid skin, when all over the world they're inventing tanning beds, spray-on tans en-brown skin like mine.

Speaking of bronze skin and fake things, I just remembered what my new BFF Sandra from Bandra was twittering on about how a certain miss Mallika Sherawat's 100 watt smile has been a little dim lately. Why so, I quiz her, and she replies that the Jalebi bai has been watching the number of zeroes on her pay cheque have come down significantly from her Murder heydays.

Given that she pops up at all the most random international events, taking photos with celebrities like a triggerhappy fangirl instead of posing like red carpet royalty, I can't say I'm surprised. Sandra's saying that highly publicised flops like Hissss have hurt her image, and since Frieda Pinto has replaced her as the official International Indian, she's looking at a nearly 30 per cent cut in her earnings.

Now if only she concentrated on getting a decent movie role instead of making mithai, maybe her life would be a little sweeter... what say?