Malaika: 'Arbaaz and I comfortable together'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 30 -- As producers, they came up with 2010's highest grosser - Salman Khan starrer Dabangg. But Bollywood power couple Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora-Khan are making headlines for a different reason now. Recent rumours suggested that Malaika had shifted to her mother's home, following a scuffle with her actor-producer husband.

"Generally, I don't react to such weird stories. But we've had to clarify things since it regards sensitive issues like break-up and marriage," says a shocked Malaika. The grapevine suggested that Arbaaz's brother Salman Khan had a role to play in the alleged split, since he didn't approve of her lifestyle.

"Like any other couple, Arbaaz and I face our share of ups and downs because we know what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage," she says. Married for 12 years, the couple first met on the sets of a steamy coffee commercial and now have a son, Arhaan. "Arbaaz and I are comfortable with one other. Such talk doesn't really affect us," Malaika insists.

Arbaaz, on his part, has also rubbished the break-up talks. "I am aware that people get paid to write stories, but I hope they write about others' personal lives correctly," she says with a smile, preferring to focus, instead, on the National Award that Dabangg won in the Wholesome Entertainment category.

Reacting to talk that the movie didn't deserve the award, she says, "Critics will always criticise a decision. And it especially holds true for National Awards. But show me a film that's more entertaining than Dabangg in that year and I will rest my case."

The 37-year-old VJ-turned-entertainer accepts that the accolades add to the hype surrounding the sequel, revealing, "We are ready to take up the challenge. Arbaaz is working really hard on the script (for the sequel) because expectations have to be met." Ask Malaika if 'Munni badnam hui...' will make another appearance and she smiles: "I think the director has to decide whether I should be a part of it or not. My next should be better than Munni. That's why I have become very picky about my songs."