Make Rahman your Mehmaan with Amul!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

We are sure that the world famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Galileo and gang must have spent many a sleepless nights and days before coming up the theories and formulas that changes the world. But, the guys at Amul have time and time again proved that one need not possess the genius of Einstein and likes to come up with some of the catchy one liners that are as topical as the dates and the months of the calendar!

After winning hearts with (all) their previous ad works, the latest one from the Amul stable is that of the evergreen musician A. R. Rahman and his award- winning spree! After having won at the BAFTA's, Golden Globes and with the stage all set for the Oscars …Rahman is surely one man on a roll! And Amul has captured this very essence in its most buttery way, by having a snap of Rahman alongside a host of awards. Alongside is the most apt one-liner that says 'Make Rehman your mehmaan! Amul…Toasted everywhere!'

All that we would like to tell the Amul guys is to keep their ad ready well in advance about A.R. Rahman winning at the Oscars.