Mahie Gill: Baal baal dekho!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Mar. 9 -- My dhobi is not done yet. Now he wants me to hear about Mahie Gill, who shocked everyone by chopping off her lustrous locks. What are you talking about, I wonder, and Safedi Lal tells me that the abhinetri has recently opted for a new chic look.

Seems the inspiration came from the wigs she was trying out for her character in her new film with Arunoday Singh. But after a couple of hours of wearing over a dozen hairpieces, the actor, best known as Paro from Dev D, decided to go natural. And overcoming her initial apprehensions, the Gill gal went under the scissors. Needless to say, whoever has met her since then, has been going ga-ga over her new look. Hmmm.