Mahesh Bhatt: 'My film has more muscle than Iron Man'


Mumbai, April 12 -- Vishesh Films' next release, Aashiqui 2, will release on the same day as Iron Man 3 (April 26). The makers of the film, however, aren't too concerned by the clash.

"Aashiqui has managed to retain a spot in people's minds for over two decades. I don't think any other music album could sustain such popularity over such a long period of time. The audience we are catering to ensures that my film has more muscle than Iron Man (at the box office). Iron Man will have its own audience while Aashiqui 2 caters to true entertainment lovers," says Mahesh Bhatt, who directed the original and is producing the sequel.

Even the trade doesn't think that Aashiqui 2 faces any competition from the film that features Rober