Madonna in bare essentials on new cover!

By Hindustan Times

Pop queen Madonna looks her seductive best on the cover of her new single, as she poses in a black, barely-there brassiere. The lady like the name of her latest single from her forthcoming studio album MDNA, has gone wild on the cover flaunting her toned stomach. "The barely-there outfit is to be expected of a woman who repeatedly sings about sex in songs like Like A Virgin, Justify My Love and Erotica. The black, triangle-shaped lace bra doesn't hide much, and very nearly leaves the superstar exposed," reports Daily Mail.

"She doesn't cover up in other articles of clothing, either, flaunting most of trim and toned stomach. Her mouth is open in a suggestive pose, and her blonde locks are artfully tousled. Everything about the cover is suggestive, including the title," says the tabloid.

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