Madhuri Dixit on Koffee with Karan!


By IndiaFM

She is the most beautiful woman ever… she has the most magnificent smile ever… and is truly the most fantastic actress ever… they don't make them like her anymore… This Sunday, Karan chats up with none other than the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit! Watch her talk about her comeback in Bollywood after six years, what all has changed since then, her family, life in the US and lots more only on Koffee with Karan

Madhuri, who is all set to make her much-awaited comeback in Bollywood with 'Aaja Nachle' shares that after a long hiatus of six years, she was a little hassled to face the camera on day one! In fact, she admits on the show that when Aditya Chopra approached her for the film she told him, “You really think people want to watch me?” Madhuri tells Karan that a lot has changed in the industry in the last six years, everything now is very disciplined, it is all planned well in advance, what the scene is going to be, what you are going to wear, everything is set and is therefore very easy for the actors. She also shares how she met her husband Ram, the fact that they complement each other very well and that he has always been very supportive of her decisions! That's not all, on this week's exciting episode, watch out as one of Bollwood's finest and talented actress who is a die-hard Madhuri fan makes a surprise visit! Who is she? Well… you will just have to wait and watch!

And just when the Q&A wraps up, the fun doubles with the fiery rapid fire round! Who according to Madhuri is the hottest hunk in Hindi Cinema? Other than Ram, the sweetest marriage proposal she has received. Sooraj Bharjatiya' s next or Sanjay Bhansali's next? Sridevi or Juhi? Who does Madhuri choose? How does Madhuri combat Karan's volley of questions? Was there enough fire in her answers? Tune-in to this week's exciting episode!

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: How does it feel … you know you are back after such a long time… do you feel things have changed in the industry … the work ethic… things like that?

Madhuri: Yes… simple things

Karan: Like what

Madhuri: Like… you know you have a whole bound script and that's not a very simple …

Karan: And that didn't happen during your time?

Madhuri: Oh No, it didn't … sometimes we used to go on the sets, we didn't even know what we were going to say in the scene… we used to get the dialogues right then…

Karan: Last minute

Madhuri: Ya… last minute… learn them and just say them and the whole economics was different at that time of film making… and I think because of the corporate kind of culture that has come in now, its great, because everything is so organized now

Karan: Everything is streamlined…

Madhuri: Everything is disciplined … you know it is worked out before hand… what the scene is going to be and what you are going to wear… what you're look is going to be … everything is set for you … it is so easy for the actors

Karan: What else has happened is, this whole emergence of the paparazzi and the media… do you think…

Madhuri: That has shocked me

Karan: Like what

Madhuri: I was invited for this opening and I saw this barrage of cameramen and the press was like falling all over each other… and I was like what is happening …

Karan: And that wasn't the case earlier

Madhuri: No, it wasn't... I mean there were a few photographers… same familiar faces who used to be there everywhere to cover… but now it's like you know new people, new faces and I went to this Siddhivinayak temple …
Karan: Oh ya… they have the tendency to follow people at that particular temple

Madhuri: Ya, you know… I came out and it was like… oh my God, and I thought my kids are going to be scared and I was holding on to them… but you should have seen my little one…

Karan: What did he do?

Madhuri: He was fluttering his eyes and smiling and my other kid was also enjoying all that attention…

Karan: But darling, he is an actresses' son, he has got it in his genes

Madhuri: That's what my husband says… “bachche kiske hai”

Karan: Actresses like Rani and all are huge fans of yours…

Madhuri: Ya, she has told me that

Karan: Have you seen her work?

Madhuri: Yes, I have, and I think she is a very good actress… I have always liked her… and I envy her in a way … because my dad is a big fan of hers …

Karan: Really?

Madhuri: Ya, really

Karan: You must see her in Black… she is fantastic

Madhuri: Ya, I should

Karan: What about your male co-stars, have you met them all, after you are back?

Madhuri: No, not all of them, because everybody is busy… but, I have met Shah Rukh and I think he is only co-star I have met