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Despite her preoccupation with films, Hema Malini has always taken

out time to promote Indian classical dance and music. Back in 1972, her

family had set up an institute called Natyavihar Kala Kendra for this

purpose. Now, with 'Jaya Smriti', Hema wants to further the cause by

giving young talent a platform to showcase their skills and encourage them

to pursue the arts.

Started in 2005 in the memory of her mother Jaya Chakravarthy (who

passed away in 2004), 'Jaya Smriti' is held every year around 25 June, her

mother's death anniversary. This year however, it will be held a day before

at the Iskon auditorium. Says Hema, "My mother worshipped art and

always promoted it, so I thought this was the best homage to her. 'Jaya

Smriti' invites young performers from across India."

Reminiscing about her mother, Hema says, "I owe my success to her.

I was just a normal school-going girl; she recognised the potential in me. I

wish every mother was like her who would recognise their child's potential

and train them."

Hema says she wants to see her institute branch out, but is not getting

enough support. "I've been struggling for the last ten years to get a piece of

land to run my institute, but I am not getting any support from the

government of Maharashtra. It appears that nobody is interested in

promoting the arts," she laments.

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