BNB (English Version)

Are u ready, sit down,
Let me da tell you a lil story,
' bout 2 cool cats,
yeah, bunty aur babli,
c' minin' at an angle,
that they better than the rest,
when ya looking in-in their hearts,
them a da pass the test.

them a da pass the test

Don' t look back,
He' s comin' into attack,
He' s takin' it side by side,
He' s takin' it front to back,
He' s takin' it all around the world,
Never, never will he stop this

Pun - ja - bi
She be flippin' a beat,
She be out to steal,
She be keepin' it real,
She be on a mission, she be livin, she be killin' ,
She be Babli!