Luke Kenny's Zombie movie in title row


By Hindustan Times

This zombie flick is already jinxed. Rock On!! (2008) actor Luke Kenny’s directorial venture, titled Zombie, has run into trouble since another production company claims that they have already registered the same title. Producer Siddhartha Jain of iRock Media, who is producing director Navdeep Singh’s Rock The Shaadi, another zombie flick, insists he won’t allow Kenny’s film to release without his permission.

Luke Kenny“I was surprised to learn that Luke Kenny was making a film called Zombie. I own the title, so I don’t know how he could have picked it up,” says Siddhartha, who had co-produced Ragini MMS (2011) earlier. “Only if I sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC), can Luke release his Zombie.”

Prod him on whether he plans to move court and Siddhartha says, “I don’t have to take any action. If Luke tries to release the film, he will have to inform the producer’s guild first and they will point out to him that he can’t release the film under a title that I own.”

On his part, Luke is trying to resolve the issue, “I’ve just found out that iRock owns the title. I’d like to sort out the matter amicably.”

Desi twist to a Western muse
Director Navdeep Singh who made his directorial debut with Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) is also busy with a zombie flick, Rock The Shaadi, starring Abhay Deol and Genelia D’Souza, under the banner of iRock. He admits that zombie movies are a western concept, but plans to Indianise it so people can connect with these creatures that inhabit the twilight zone.

Says Navdeep, “George Romero’s zombie films, like Deadtime Stories (2009, 2010), define the genre. But Rock The Shaadi is not inspired by this series. It’s a rom-com that unfolds against the backdrop of a Punjabi-meets-zombie wedding.”