Loins of Punjab Presents goes for overseas distribution


By IndiaFM

Manish Acharya is all set to distribute his directorial film, Loins of Punjab Presents overseas. Not only that, Manish’s film was also chosen to play at Castro, which happens to be the oldest and prestigious theatre at San Francisco in the San Francisco festival called ‘The Third Eye festival’.

Getting a huge response from 1100 audience in the festival, an excited Manish says, “The movie got a standing ovation at the festival. I think the audiences comprised more of non-South Asians. And the whole fact of non-Asians liking my film gives a new high to me. It was in the San Francisco Festival that the distributors had approached us and showed interest in distributing my film in the US sometime in March.”
When asked about the film’s screening in international festivals of Rome and Dubai, Manish said, “The movie was actually screened with Italian subtitles. I was a little worried about the thought that will people understand my film or not. It’s not only the US but also the Italian distributors also got hooked onto us for distributing the film in Rome.”

On asking about the marketing strategy that he plans to adopt, Manish says, “We will start off with what they call in US, as a ‘platform release’. We will start up with the cities and keep on adding cities as the week goes by. Therefore, I think, that, for our first week, we probably will start with New York, San Francisco, and Los angles. And then in the coming weeks, we will switch over to Chicago and other cities as well.”

Meanwhile, Manish Acharya is busy in the scripting of his next venture, which will be a big budget film, a thriller that is not set in India.