Letters from the Dutts


By IndiaFM

Sunday MiD DAY culls out the personal notes in Mr. And Mrs. Dutt, a memoir of Sunil and Nargis Dutt

Nargis’s tender letter to Sanjay, while he was studying at Lawrence boarding school, Sanawar near Kasauli

Darling son Sanjay,

After I left you in school I was terribly disturbed — you were crying and I was feeling very bad. Sanjay — I know my boy that you must be missing home and me, we miss you too.

The house is empty without you — but Sanjay you must try to understand that it is for your own good — you will be a good student — and study well over there — Your results there are much better than what they were in Bombay. Now you have promised to do even better and I promise I will come to see you every month — you know you are our only son and we have great hopes on you — You must study hard and become a big man so that you can look after us in our old age. So no more crying — pay attention in your class — there is plenty of time for you to play — please Sanjay for my sake be more attentive in your class. You must do this much to please your mother — I hope you secure better marks. Be a good boy; don’t give any chance to your teachers to be angry with you anytime.

Promise me that you will study well — look after yourself you are a big boy — we love you too too much — you know that — God bless you and keep you away from all harm.

With all my love and kisses to you,
Your loving mama