Lessons I've learnt!


Author : Vikas Hotwani

As told by Govinda

*Never in life should one feel that he has enough friends. Making

enemies is easy, getting friends is tough. You never know who you need at

what point in your life. Friends are never too many to have.

*As years have gone by, I have seen the youth getting more and more

confident and mature in their behavior and interaction with people. Small

petty details don’t bother them, which I feel is a very good sign.

*At the same time, I feel the youth needs to be much more aggressive

when it comes to making it big. You need to give minimum six hours a day

to yourself - two hours concentrating on your interpersonal skills, two

hours socializing and two hours on your physique.

*For every society to flourish, basic infrastructure like education and

health is very important. You provide for these basic amenities and the rest

is taken care by the people themselves.

*For every decision you take, listen to what your elders have to say

about it. At least, for me what my elders say has always worked out for the

best. Simply because elders always the plan for the future and advise.

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