Leander to star opposite Paresh Rawal in home production


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Mar. 5 -- Sportstar turned actor, Leander Paes will be making his Bollywood debut in his first home production, Rajdhani Express. Paes is going to playing the main protagonist alongside character-actor Paresh Rawal, the antagonist in the movie.

The tennis-sportstar was specifically keen on having Rawal play the adversary in the film. When Rawal heard that it was the sporting icon's debut, he readily agreed.

Though both the actors have been looking forward to acting with each other, the script doesn't allow them to share any scenes.

Says director Ashok Kohli, "In this David and Goliath story, the former represents a common man and the latter, the uncaring, indifferent system. Both characters remain faceless to each other and yet get embroiled in a life and death situation."