LEAKED PIC! Poonam Pandey gets raunchy for debut film photoshoot


By Hindustan Times

Poonam Pandey might not have revealed the first look of her debut movie yet, but hindustantimes.com has managed to get hold of a provocative snap from the photoshoot of her debut film.

According to a source, the film is titled Nasha, though speculations had earlier suggesed that it might be called Charas, Nasha or just Addiction.

Poonam Pandey has been revealing alphabets of the title of her upcoming movie, but the formal announcement is yet to be made.

The first look of the film is expected to be out by this week. "There are different types of addiction. This film is also about one type of addiction and is certainly a movie that one will remember in the years to come,” says the 21-year-old debutante about her debut coming-of-age movie.

“I had over a hundred offers till date to act in all kinds of movies. But I chose this film because I wanted to be the heart of the story and not just a part of the script. I did not merely want to be relegated to be a prop on the set and wanted to act properly in the film and this film that Aditya Bhatia is producing promised to be that movie,” says Poonam.

"Poonam ka Nasha sar chadh ke bolega," quipped a source.

Poonam, however, is reluctant to spill the beans as yet. "Wait for the magic to unveil. It will become an Addiction for you," she said.