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Lata Mangeshkar: 'We used to steal batashas'


Mumbai, April 11 -- As kids, all of us - Meena, Asha, Hriday and Usha - would wait for the gudi to be decorated. We used to create what is called, 'shakkar ka haar' (garland of sugar), which is made of batashas. This garland used to be draped on the gudi. All of us would fight to make the garland. Later, we used to steal the batashas and eat them.

I remember that we would get a chance to get our hands on the sweets only in the evening or during the afternoon when everyone would be taking a nap. Since Meena and I were older than the other two, we'd plot and carry out this mission every year. The others were too young to think of all this. Many times, Meena and I would get caught and get a sound beating.

This year on Gudi Padwa, I will go to Pune to inaugurate a music school started by Vishwanath Karad. The school is housed in a university. They have a variety of classes for students to choose from - vocal, instrumental etc.

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of New Year for Maharashtrians. The day is considered auspicious to start any venture, whether it is opening a new shop or releasing a new movie.

Earlier, we used to buy jewellery or gold coins as a tradition, but we don't do it anymore. However, we still prepare Puranpoli to welcome happiness in our lives.