Lata enjoys horror films



Mumbai, April 15 -- When Lata Mangeshkar isn't serenading audiences, the veteran singer says she enjoys watching horror films.

Even though she doesn't watch a lot of TV, she admits that she caught the latest film in her favourite genre on the tube. Though she was all praise for Talaash (2012), she also feels there is a dearth of such movies.

"Nowadays, there aren't any good ghost films being made. The ones that are made have these horrific faces that are meant to scare people, but they only put me off," she says, adding that she prefers movies like The Sixth Sense (1999), that "don't depend on gimmicks to frighten the audience". "I remember Madhumati (1958) too was about a ghost story. Vyjayanthimala was so pretty in the film. Even Lekin (1991), which starred Dimple Kapadia, didn't use the help of any scary faces," she adds.