Lara's next without hubby?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 28 -- Lara Dutta, who until a week ago was vacationing with husband Mahesh Bhupathi, her family, maids and pets at an undisclosed location, landed in New Delhi and within a couple of hours, left for Paris. Now back, the actor-producer plans to take forward her second under her banner, Bheegi Basanti.

Considering Chalo Dilli has worked in her favour, would she produce her next in association with her husband's company Big Daddy Productions? "I'm very happy with the results of Chalo Dilli. It wasn't a typical Hindi entertainer, but it had every element of a good Bollywood movie. The audience has appreciated our first effort together. And that gives me a high," says Lara. "As for Mahesh, he may or may not be on board, depending on whether I really need him to be. If not, he will produce his own movies, and I'll produce mine. Then, if we again find a project to work together on, we will."

It seems plans for the second project were initiated even before Chalo Dilli hit cinemas. "That's correct," Lara says. "It's my second baby, and it's still in its infancy. Plans are being worked out. It will not be a run-of-the-mill project for sure. The content has to be something striking. So, till I don't freeze the cast, script and other details, I don't think I should speak too much."

Lara would like to star in the film too, but only if she feels there is a role that she'll fit into. "It makes no sense for me to work in my own home productions or any other movie, if I don't meet the requirements of the character," says Lara. "If there is a role that we all agree I can fit into, I will take it up."

News also is that Chalo Dilli director Shashant Shah is likely to direct and script a film each for Mahesh and Lara's companies. When asked, Shah, who is holidaying in Singapore, says, "We had an informal chat about it. Both Lara and Mahesh had briefly discussed second projects with me, but till I don't formally speak to them, I don't think it's right to speak about the projects."