Lara Dutta on Partner and scripting films


By Devansh Patel, IndiaFM

Lara Dutta has slowly but surely made her way from a bit part in a

music video to the leading lady in a major motion picture. Her

unconventional beauty combined with the courage to work alongside the

likes of Akshay Kumar in Andaaz brought her quickly to the top, and with

18 films old, Lara gave her career best performance last month in Jhoom

Barabar Jhoom even though the film didn't Jhoom as per the expectations.

In an exclusive interview from India, Lara spoke to IndiaFM's London

correspondent Devansh Patel about her next big release Partner, her new

job as a script writer and why she can't keep a straight face while working

with Govinda and Salman Khan.

How has your partnership been with Govinda and Salman Khan in


It's been great and I think people will see that once the film releases.

Govinda is outstanding in this film and even though we did get a chance to

work with each other in Bhagam Bhag, I thought that he was a bit

restrained in that particular film. On the other hand, I am paired up

opposite Salman in Partner and it's the first time I'm working with him. He

was such a pleasure to work with and is so secured in his craft and what he

does. But while filming a scene with both the men, it is very difficult to

keep a straight face.

This is your first time with director David Dhawan. Do you consider

yourself lucky or honoured?

I don't know whether I'm lucky or honoured. I think it's both. David

has his own school of cinema and when you go to watch any of David

Dhawan’s films you know what to expect. Partner brings David and

Govinda back after a sabbatical. I hope it works like all his previous films

have. The common thing is that you will have to leave your brain at home

to come and watch this mad film.

What's your role in Partner?

I play a snoopy, nosy journalist who literally goes all out to get the

exclusive scoop for her paper. So she is running down the streets, hanging

off windows, wires and cables, being chased by the mob, etc. She is

absolutely crazy to get that scoop. Also, David was very keen on casting

me for the fact that I haven't worked with Salman before and believed in

me that I would do justice to the role given to me because he was confident

of my flair in comedy.

What scoop can you give us then from behind the scenes? Any

memorable moments?

As said earlier that when you are working with both these actors, you

have no clue what they are going to through at you. They are very much on

the ball. Even the producer Sohail Khan has a habit of treating his crew as

an extended family. Each and every day was memorable. We went dune

dashing in the middle of the night in Dubai while we were shooting there. It

was fun because they made me climb a 50 metre sand dune in the same

dress I wore while filming a scene. Now that's difficult but the cast and the

crew convinced me and I had no option but to climb.

How did you keep up with the hip-hop, fast paced dance number

'You're my love' with Salman Khan?

This is the first time I've worked with choreographer Bosco-Caesar.

Salman has worked with them before many times and he is quite

comfortable with them. But when you're doing a hip-hop song, it's got a lot

of hip-hop movements, thus making the shoot tough but fun. We also had

to undergo a lot of changes in between the shoot and sometimes the

selection was quite instantaneous by Bosco-Caesar as they would finalize

any dance move which looked hip-hop and happening.

Are you going to share space with Katrina Kaif?

No I'm not. Unfortunately, we don't share screen space together in this

film. The only time we come together onscreen is in a song 'Dupatta Tera

Nau Rang Da'. But she is a lovely girl. I've known Katrina before she

entered films and I can say that she is very dedicated, hard working and

you can see that in all her films she has done so far. I admire her for what

she is doing and where she wants to go.

Are you going to leave her brain behind when you see the first glimpse

of Partner?

But of course, I always say that I am a bit of a parody. I am supposed

to be a little intelligent actress but for some reason, over the last two years,

all I've been doing is comedy films. But I love doing that and it keeps me

going. I am just like any other viewer who likes to be entertained by any

film I watch. And yes, the statutory warning for this film is to leave your

brains at home and watch the film. Though sometimes you will require it

when seeing Govinda and Salman together for their extra humorous


What other surprises is Lara Dutta going to come up with this year?

There are quite a few surprises. Unfortunately, I can't really talk about

the films I'm doing because they are all just being signed now. So I will

leave that to the producers to make necessary announcements.

Besides Govinda and Salman, yourself and Salman and David and

Govinda, what's the U.S.P. of Partner?

Like I said that Govinda is back in such full form. He is 'GOD' in this

film. I really mean it. I haven't been blown away by a performance like this

for a very long time. I just feel that those of you who have missed Govinda

for many years on screen, this is the main U.S.P of the film by far.

Do you think the length of the film can be a major factor in its success

or failure?

I definitely think so. David has been very clear about the fact that he

didn't want a long winding film though the film took a considerable amount

of time to be made. But at the end of the day it's up to the audience to

decide whether the film will work or not.

We know that you are penning down a few scripts for films. Any

particular genre you are working on?

Yes, I am writing at the moment because I've got the opportunity and

am taking my chances now. I am working on two scripts at the moment.

One is a period film in which there is a lot of research going on presently

and the second one is a romantic comedy. That's all I can say.

Any parting message for your fans?

This year has been fabulous for me. I've grown immensely as an actor.

So if my fans are buying tickets to go and watch my film, I can assure that

I won't disappoint them.