Lara Dutta: 'Malfunction? Ridiculous'


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, June 12 -- Lara Dutta finds herself at the center of a bizarre controversy. The actress has rubbished rumours of a wardrobe malfunction, even as bloggers claim the low cut golden dress she wore at the IIFA awards in Colombo last weekend, slipped to reveal her nipple.

"Her dress snapped and it was all visible," says newspostonline, claiming that Lara then ran backstage to rearrange the dress. "Her strap just fell off," said chikaprincess. "She couldn't prevent a peekaboo," says another Bollywood website.

The actress says the matter is ridiculous. "It's ridiculous and insane to call it a malfunction. People are blind if they think a fashion icon will goof up with her dress. It's merely the shadow of her clutch that she is holding under her arm that has led to silly sensationalism out of nothing," says Lara's spokesperson Divya Tejuja.

Some fans have also jumped to Lara's rescue online. "It can't be a wardrobe malfunction as her gown is perfectly fitted," wrote Vish_al. Shalliini says, "It's the shadow of her purse, guys!"